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    Notify CNAS




    Please read carefully the information on how to submit and examine electronic notifications addressed to the National Social Insurance Agency (hereafter CNAS).
    1. The website www.cnas.gov.md offers you the possibility to address CNAS electronically
    2. The examination of notifications addressed to CNAS is carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Moldova, no. 116/2018, and other normative acts.
    3. The notification must be signed by the author (or by his legal or authorized representative) with the electronic signature, indicating: name, surname, domicile and a contact telephone number.
    4. Notifications that do not contain the required information and do not meet the requirements for the electronic document, including the application of the electronic signature, will not be examined.
    5. If you do not have an electronic address and an electronic signature, we recommend that you send notification by post to the address MD-2028, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau municipality, 3 Gheorghe Tudor str.
    If your notification meets all the above requirements, you can send it by email to secretariat@cnas.gov.md.



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