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    Assignments of the Territorial Offices of Social Insurance


    The Territorial Offices of Social Insurance (TOSI) are structural subdivisions, deconcentrated public services, directly administered, without legal personality, which provide social insurance services and ensure the serving of the population at the territorial level.

    The citizens` serving schedule within the Territorial Offices of Social Insurance:

    from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Fridays until 3:00 p.m., with a flexible lunchtime schedule.

    The work schedule is displayed at the TOSI`s entrance.

    TOSI has the following basic assignments:

    1) to keep records of the payers of contributions to the state social insurance budget (hereinafter - SSIB), at the territorial level;

    2) to register the contributors to SSIB;

    3) to receive and examine the claims regarding the request for the staggered repayment of late payment increases (penalties);

    4) to receive and process the statements regarding the calculation and use of mandatory state social insurance contributions (SSIB form, SSIB-AN form) for correction and primary, submitted late for the periods up to 01.01.2018;

    5) to examine the declarations of the insured persons presented by the employers within the deadline, for the period 1999-2017, and prepares steps to correct the data in REVIND, in order to use them to establish social insurance benefits;

    6) to perfect individual social insurance contracts for individuals;

    7) to certify the contribution period, based on the data from the personal social insurance account, at the request of the insured person;

    8) to receive and examine the requests of individuals regarding the assignment of passwords for access the current account of the insured persons;

    9) to archive documents related to the field of registration and records of payers and social insurance contributions;

    10) to receive, register and examine the applications and documents necessary for establishing pensions and other social benefits;

    11) to establish pensions and other social benefits, with the issuance of the corresponding decisions;

    12) to issue decisions to suspend/resume/extend the payment of pensions and other social benefits, according to the legislation;

    13) to re-examine pensions and other social benefits in accordance with the legislation, with the issuance of the corresponding decisions;

    14) to process the life certificates for persons who have established their residence in a state with which the Republic of Moldova has no agreement on social insurance and issues decisions to extend the term of the pension payment;

    15) to issue minutes regarding the calculation of the amounts of social benefits improperly paid, as well as takes measures to refund the amounts improperly paid;

    16) to perfect, archive and manage the retirement/personal files of the beneficiaries of social benefits;

    17) to receive, register and examine applications for the issuance of balneotherapeutic treatment tickets;

    18) to draw up agreements with economic agents for realizing the rights of the insured to balneoterapeutic treatment;

    19) to issue balneoterapeutic tickets or grants compensation in the event of the impossibility of granting tickets to eligible persons;

    20) to draw up reports on the use of balneoterapeutic tickets;

    21) to consult and inform the payers of contributions and beneficiaries of social benefits regarding the services provided by NOSI;

    22) to release information from the public social insurance system and the certificates of the beneficiaries of social benefits;

    23) to scan the labor records presented by individuals for the activity carried out until 01.01.1999;

    24) to receive and examine petitions and addresses received from individuals and legal persons on questions related to the field of state social insurance, with the elaboration of answers;

    25) to receive and examine the forms and documents presented for the application of the provisions of the international agreements concluded between the Republic of Moldova and other states in the field of social security;

    26) to process information regarding the extension of the degree of disability of the beneficiaries of disability pensions and social allowances for persons with disabilities;

    27) to prepare and present information on the fields of activity, at the request of central and local public administration authorities, civil society representatives;

    28) to participate, upon request, the meetings organized by the local public administration authorities;

    29) to ensure the secretarial activities related to the performance of the TOSI’s attributions.


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